Based on the last article, now that you understand what affiliate marketing is and the different types of affiliate programs, it is time to learn how to differentiate between affiliate programs and choose the very best ones to participate.

Product Value

Above all, you will want to represent products that have great value to the customers. There are a couple reasons for this. First, you will want to protect your customers and only promote the products that will help them be successful. A satisfied customer is more likely to return and make further purchases, which again as we learned in a recent article, is a key tenant of a scalable business. Secondly, products of great value, generally cost more, which leads to greater profitability.


Next, you will want to find affiliate programs with higher margins. As stated above, this is why digital products, especially high-ticket items are more desirable. It turns out that the same effort is required to sell high margin items over low margin items, you just need to sell much more low margin items to match the profitability of higher margin items.


It is important that an affiliate program have strong and durable tracking of customer sales. This is often done through a cookie and some programs, such as the Amazon Affiliate Program only offer a 24 hour cookie, so you only get credit for what that customer purchases within 24 hours of the first visit. Amazon gets the relationship with the customer and 100% of the profits of that customer, after the 24 hours. Other programs, such as Legendary Marketer, offer life-time cookies, which allow for tracking and commission on any purchases of a customer, for life.

Marketing Material

It is also important that the affiliate program have quality promotional and marketing material. This will become critical as you begin to promote the product or services. You don’t want to have to create that material on your own and it may be expensive to test and find what marketing materials are effective. A reputable company will provide quality marketing materials to assist you in becoming successful.


The most important element, when evaluating an affiliate program and the offering company is integrity. Integrity is simply doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. I have seen some companies operate without integrity and I recommend you run when you see that. Your personal integrity is at stake and again, your customers are trusting you to do the right thing as well and not introduce them to opportunities that are not in their best interest.

So, It is well worth your time, to ensure the 5 areas listed above are used when evaluating an online affiliate program.

In this article, we have discussed affiliate marketing, why you should care, and how it works. The key to being successful in affiliate marketing is to obtain the very best training you can.

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