Have you struggled with how to generating traffic online? In this article, we will discuss this topic and give tips on generating free traffic for life.

There are two types of traffic, free and paid. We will focus on free traffic in this video.

Free Traffic for Life

When it comes to free traffic, there are ways to have evergreen links, that will generate traffic for life.

Blogs and SEO

We have discussed writing blogs and SEO in previous articles (here and here). Once Google or other search engines find your blog article and index it, as long as you properly optimized the page, you will begin to gather traffic and that traffic will last for life, well as long as the blog is up.

This is another reason to use Medium and other hosted blogs, as they will be maintained for very long times, likely for the rest of your life. That traffic will grow over time, as long as you wrote about an evergreen topic. Otherwise, there will come a time when that traffic starts to decline. Then, you can drop into the article, update it and keep it going.


Youtube is another great source of traffic. Youtube is the second largest search engine, next to Google, who owns Youtube. So, it only makes sense to start generating traffic on Youtube.

The best part about Youtube is that people go to it daily, to learn solutions to their problems and perform research on a topic. They are in a seeking and often a buying mode. All you have to do is get in front of those interested in your niche and provide value.

In order to get found on Youtube, you have to perform SEO on the videos, there are several ways to do that. Using free tools such as VidIQ will help you perform keyword research and also analyze other’s videos. Since I covered SEO for Blog post in the other articles (here and here), I will provide some tips for SEO of Videos here:

Place the Keyword in the video file name.

Place the Keyword in the video title.

Place the Keyword in the beginning of the video description, in a natural way.

Place the Keyword a couple more times in the description, if it can be done in a natural way.

Use tags in your video, starting with your Keyword, then provide variants of your keyword.

Use end-cards in your videos, Youtube favors videos with end-cards.


Forums are another great place to put your content. There are several sites, such as Quora, where people post open questions and you may offer value, answering their question, then (after you provide value), you may drop a link to your content.

Another good way to generate traffic is to put your link in the signature block or profile on the site. Then, when you provide value, don’t mention the link. People will seek it out when you have provided value and will click on it.

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