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You may have heard of the term Affiliate Marketing, or read our previous article on the sales funnels, but how do you actually sell products using Affiliate Marketing? In this article, we will show you and also provide best practice tips to avoid common mistakes.

Big Picture

As we presented in our article on sales funnels, the following diagram gives the big picture of what we are trying to accomplish.

Traditional Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

Find a Quality Product

The first thing you will want to do is find a quality product. For example, you may sign up a ClickBank affiliate program.


Select a Category

You may select a category on the left side, for example, if you select E-Business & E-Commerce, you will find a list of affiliate programs, including this one as the second one listed.

By hitting the promote button, you will be taken to the generate Hoplink screen.

By providing your account name at the top, and an optional tracking ID, you may generate a hoplink (which is the affiliate link). As you can see there are several options, for our purpose, we will just keep the default setting.

There, we have the hoplink, that we will copy/paste into our funnel (save that link and we will come back to it.

Setup an Opt-In Page

Note: there is a fast-track step below, if you want to download my funnel. Otherwise, follow along and learn how to set up your own funnels.

In order to set up our Opt-In Page (shown in the big picture above), we will use ClickFunnels. You can get a 14 day free trial here. When inside ClickFunnels, you can select the Add New button, you will then be presented with a wizard, as follows.

By selecting “Create New Funnel”, you will be presented with the following screen.

By selecting “Choose” button on the left, under the “Collect Emails” type, you will be presented with the following screen.

Enter a name, for example as shown, then hit “Build Funnel” button. You will be presented with a directory of templates.

Type “clean” in the search window on the right and you will see the following screen.

Hover over that “Clean Box Optin” and hit, “Select Template” when it appears. After the funnel builds, you will find the following screen:

Select the “Edit Page” button, to edit the Optin page. Then, edit the headline to look like this.

Then, click the Blue button, to open the edit dialog on the right.

Edit the “Button Text” field to say “Get Started Now”. Be sure to also edit the copyright info at the bottom of the screen.

We will configure the email settings in a future article. For now, hit “Save” button in the upper right hand corner and then hit the left arrow (exit) button in the upper left hand corner to return to the funnel summary.

Setup a Bridge Page

Select Thank You page, then this time, type “simple” in the search, as follows.

Hit “Select Template” to choose the “Simple Download Page”. At the next screen, hit “Edit Page” button.

At the edit screen, hover over the social media content at the bottom of the screen and hit delete.

Next, edit the headline at the top of the page, to look like this (obviously use your name).

Then, click in button, to launch the editor to the right, change the “Button Text” to say: “Continue to Super Affiliate System”. Remove the Sub Text.

Next, click in the top text block and hover over the bottom border, to click on “add new element” button.

Then, select the Image button.

Then, select your image. See below, why this is important.

Setup the Sales Page

In this case, the Sales Page is simply the hoplink we got in the ClickBank site. Now, hit the Blue “Continue to Super Affiliate System” button, then on the right side, hit the Green “Set Action” Button. Select Go To Website URL and paste in the hoplink from Clickbank. Be sure to remove the “#” placeholder that was in that field. Hit the “Back” button at the top, then “Save” button.

Just like that we have configured a sales funnel, to make an affiliate sale. Now, the link to our funnel can be found on the funnel summary page, when clicking on the optin page. Distribute that link within blog post, advertising, and emails to send leads to your funnel.

In future articles, we will address the email connection of your funnel and also how to track clicks to your link.

Top Mistakes

There are three top mistakes that new affiliates make.

Missing an Opt-in Page

If you direct the lead directly to the sales page, you miss out on the opt-in to your email list and thereby miss out on future sales opportunities for those who do not follow through on the initial sale.

Missing a Bridge Page

The bridge page (in this case the Thank You page) was necessary because you are about to hand the lead over to the sales page, and likely another company and person. If you bypass the bridge page, when the buyer later gets your emails, they will be confused because you did not introduce yourself before you handed them over to the affiliate company. By simply adding your photo and name, you are introducing yourself and warming them up to the emails you are about to send them.

Lack of Congruency

If a buyer is given what they are expecting, you are more likely to gain a sale. On the other hand, if you surprise the buyer, they will become confused and a confused buyer, doesn’t buy. Therefore, the colors and fonts that you use, should match all the way through the funnel, including the sales page. Since you may not control the sales page, you may need to start with that link and then work backwards to ensure that your funnel is congruent throughout.

Fast Track

If you wish to download this a copy of my funnel, to fast-track your progress, click here to start import the funnel into your 14 day trial.

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