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In our last article, we covered setting up ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing. We left that article, without a functioning email auto-responder. In this article, we will finish the connection, through an Application Programming Interface (API) and set up our first auto-responder email message.

Setup API in ClickFunnels

The first thing we will need to do is setup the API within ClickFunnels. The API is an interface that will allow ClickFunnels to talk to our Auto-Responder, in this case GetResponse. In this manner, the two applications can pull data from each other and work to automate task for us.

If you need ClickFunnels, there is a 14 day trial, here. Start within the account settings of ClickFunnels. Select “Add New” button.

Select “GetResponse” Integration.

Here, you will place the API key from GetResponse.

Obtain API from GetResponse (Auto-Responder)

You will need an API key from your Email Auto-Responder. In my case, I use GetResponse, so I will show you how to integrate that system. If you want to integrate another Auto-Responder, the process will be similar.

Within GetResponse, in the upper left hand corner, select Menu, then Integrations and API.

In the API tab, you can Generate an API Key, as shown here (redacted in screenshot).

Complete API Setup

Now, return to ClickFunnels Account Settings, Integration tab and input a name for the Integration (GetResponse) and the API Key (redacted in screenshot).

Note, as of the date of this article, there is an issue between ClickFunnels and GetResponse. You may get an error when you hit the “Add Integration” button. If you do, email GetResponse support and ask them to enable the old API for you, so you can integrate ClickFunnels.

Select Integration in Funnel

Now, you may go to the funnel we setup in the last article. Hit the “Edit Page” button.

Within the Opt-in page editor, under the settings menu at the top of the screen, select Integrations.

Select GetResponse as the Integration, Add to Campaign as the Action, and the default email list (should be your first name and a number).

By default, you will have an email list with your first name and a number, as shown here. Later, you may create a new mailing list for this funnel and then change it here.

Back out of the menu configuration and be sure to hit save and exit the funnel page.

Configure your First Auto-Responder Message

At this point, we have set up ClickFunnels to use the GetResponse Auto-Responder and send email addresses to the Auto-Responder, upon Opt-In.

Now, let’s build our first Auto Response Email, within GetResponse. If you need an Auto-Responder, GetResponse is a good choice, because they are friendly to Affiliate Marketers (some others are not) and they are reasonably priced. There is a 30 day trial, to you get get started with ClickFunnels and GetResponse for free!

Once logged into GetResponse. In the upper left hand corner, select the “Menu” button, then select Autoresponders.

Next, on the right hand side, select, “Create autoresponder”.

On the Create Autoresponder screen, give the autoresponder a name: “Welcome Email” or similar, then type “0” in the “On day” field, which means the day of signup. On future autoresponder messages, you can set the “On day” field to 1, 2, 3, etc to send out a series of email messages, one each day. For now, leave the list name as the default (your name and a number), as shown below.

At the bottom of the configuration screen, select the “Create New Email” link.

On the next screen, once again, give the message a name, this is for your convenience only, your email recipients wont see this name. In this case, name it “Day 0-Welcome”, so you can recognize it later. Give the message a Subject, such as “Welcome to the team” (this will be seen by the recipient). Finally, select an email address to send from. Since you won’t have any in there to start with, select “New Email Address”.

Then you will be able to type your Display Name and email address, the system will send you a verification email, to verify you own that address.

Back on the Autoresponder configuration page, select “Next Step Button”

Select the template you want to use, in this example, select the “Start from Scratch” link at the top of the list on the left side of the screen.

Next, select a 1 column email type.

Finally, you can type a simple email, thanking them for joining your team, and preparing them for future emails, where you will talk more about yourself and provide other interesting opportunities for them. Keep it short. Be sure to use your photo at the top or in the signature block, so they recognize you.

When you are satisfied with the message, hit the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen, then hit “Save and Publish” button. At this point, be sure to test your funnel, from start to finish and ensure you do indeed get the welcome email.

That is all. It looks like a lot of steps, but can be done in 20 minutes. In this article, we integrated ClickFunnels and GetResponse to automatically send out emails after someone Opts-In to our funnel.

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