Over the last few years, I have drifted from opportunity to opportunity, but I have finally found one that resonates with me. In this article, I will share that opportunity with you and explain why it changed my life.

Goals without Plans are Only Dreams

Some people make goals each year, I try not to do that. Instead, I try to focus on Goals throughout the year, developing a short list and then most importantly, developing a plan to accomplish the goals.

A Goal that I have set over recent years is to gain financial, location, and time freedom. I have some aspects of this now, but I want total freedom in these areas. I have many streams of income, I believe all people should do the same. Some are “active” and require trading time for money, others are “passive” and require putting in time up front, but then reaping the rewards long term.

As I grow older, I realize that my time on this planet is limited. As long as God gives me breath, I intend to maximize my life potential and help as many others as I can in the process. Next to my faith, gaining passive income is the best way to do that. This opportunity has changed my life, as I now see clearly a path to obtain that goal of achieving financial, time, and location freedom.

Accomplishing Goals will Take Action

David Sharpe, CEO of Legendary Marketer, and a role model of mine, recently said, “online assets are like real estate.” He went on to say “we would all agree that owning more real estate is better than not, the same is true with online assets”, further “so we should be busy obtaining all of the online real estate (assets) that we can”.

To that end, I have decided the best route would be to create content, the more the better, the faster the better, and I will thereby improve faster. I have further decided to create at least one piece of content a day, until I make it to my goal. It turns out that prior to this goal, I am just now completing another 30 day challenge. In that challenge, I set out to produce 30 days of youtube content and learn about youtube marketing in the process.

I am in day 25 of that challenge while starting this second challenge. Although that may seem like bad timing, it is actually perfect for me, as I will now have a reason to continue and become even more focused. The team at Legendary Marketing have done a great job of developing this new 30 day challenge and I count it as a blessing to take part. I will say more about them in a future post, but suffice it to say, they are the incredible, the ethics and integrity they exude with ease is rare, in deed.

So, over the next 30 days, I will produce both written and video content. I expect to grow as a writer and more importantly, grow as an online marketer. The educational material inside the Legendary Marketer program is incredible. It is higher quality and what I have seen anyone else produce, and I have seen quite a few other forms of training. I used the term “training” there, as I distinguish Legendary Marketer as an Education platform, not training. If you are looking for training, you can find that anywhere and it will help you get short term results. However, where Legendary Marketer shines is in the long term strategy and mindset required to be a successful freelance digital marketer in today’s ever changing environment.

Accountability is Required for Success

To accomplish anything of substance, you will need the help of others. One of the ways that others can help is through accountability. I have found in my life that when I share a goal with my spouse or other people, I become accountable to them. This is why I am posting this article, to become accountable to you. Be sure to follow me and track my journey.

Way Forward

In the coming days, I will be sharing more of my story and my journey to reaching my goals. Now, you see my plan, I hope you have a plan as well to obtain your goals. If you need assistance in this regard, check out the source of my knowledge in this area, Legendary Marketer. You won’t regret it.

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Dr. Allen Harper

Financial Freedom Hacker

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