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When starting out with online marketing, you will need quality training and mentoring to develop your online business. So you may be wondering: is Legendary Marketer for me? In this article, I will present a fair and honest review of Legendary Marketer. My hope is that you will gain enough information to make an informed decision.


The company was forged from the idea that our education system is broken and people are not really taught about financial and business literacy throughout. Instead, people are forced into templates, that produce employees, stuck in a 9–5 mode. To counter this pre-programming, the company has developed world class online marketing education and as the tag line says, it is “delivered simply and with integrity.”


The company is lead by David Sharpe. Dave has an uncanny ability to be direct, to the point, yet with love and passion that draws others to him. He has helped countless number of others through his experiences and lessons. He has been wildly successful, by the world’s standard, but it was not always that way. He went through a period of drug abuse and even homelessness, until he found his way. Through that hardship, and his broad life experiences, he has learned some life lessons that puts him in a position to help others in a profound way.

Sure, David has made a lot of money. By his own statement, he has sold more than a quarter billion dollars in product and services. But he also has said, the money was the the most underwhelming part of the journey. The most enjoyable part was paying much of that to others, that came along. Quite simply, he makes millionaires. A recent example is Nathan Lucas, who over about 18 months, made 1 million dollars selling Legendary Marketer products and services. I am encouraged by the example of others and want to know I am participating in a company that has success and most importantly, allows others to be successful.


At the core of Legendary Marketing and David Sharpe, is integrity. If the company could be summed up in one word, it would be integrity. It is clear from the first time you year Daves voice, to any time you interact with any of his employees, that integrity is present. As Dave has summarized, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even though no one is listening.” It is the Integrity of the company that drew me to them.

You see, I have seen many “online marketing” companies, but none with this level of integrity. In fact, the one prior to me finding Legendary Marketing ripped me off and took my money for a faulty product and their content was based on shady techniques that had no integrity. When challenged about it, they did not even try to make it right. In fact, they were too busy going on to the next hot thing, with their group of followers with them. Luckily, I was able to get a refund, through applying pressure from PayPal, but I wonder if others were that fortunate. It is a shame what is happening in the online business space these days.

Contrast that experience with Legendary Marketer. From day one, I have felt overwhelmed with the quality of the content and the experience of being a member. I have made several purchases of content from Legendary Marketer, because I believe in what they are doing and more importantly, I believe it is the best content available, using honest techniques to allow me to build a business to last.

That is a very important concept. I am not interested in a company or technique that will put my business in jeopardy or ask me to compromise my own integrity. So, if you are tired of those other fly by night companies, Legendary Marketer may be for you.


An example of the emphasis that Legendary Marketer places on integrity is compliance. The online marketing industry is fraught with risk of a crank down on marketers by government regulators, due to all of the fraudulent actors in the space. Legendary Marketer, on the other hand is taking a stand and again “doing the right thing when know one is looking.”

They are teaching their affiliates, from the very first lesson, that if you want to be an affiliate, you have to abide by self imposed (at this point) standards that will be increasingly imposed across the industry. They require certain disclosures and disclaimers, on any landing page, that can be seen at the bottom of this article. Other companies are not requiring this yet, but Legendary Marketer is leading the industry this way. I appreciate that boldness and leadership.

Built to Last

The integrity and compliance of the company is the foundation of a company that is built to last. They are constantly changing and adapting to the industry and outside forces, to protect their members and thereby their brand. Another way the company is built to last is through building up the affiliate members of the company. Each affiliate has gone through a 15 Day Challenge, that has established a baseline of information and knowledge. Therefore, the company’s affiliate network is armed with truth and quality, that will not only change their lives, but those they come in contact with.

15 Day Challenge

Again, the 15 Day Challenge, which **only cost **$7, is designed to train up new potential affiliates, to establish a baseline. There is further training that we will discuss in a moment, but at least all members have this baseline. Each day, a module is presented and the potential affiliate has homework to perform, to make themselves better. The modules are not 5 minute videos that you will find elsewhere. No, they are hour long training sessions that are packed with valuable knowledge, whether or not you continue with Legendary Marketer.

One-on-one coaching

The best thing about the 15 Day Challenge is the personalized coaching you receive. Early in the process you are introduced to a personal coach that will schedule a phone call and meet you were you are at in the journey to establishing your online marketing business and point you in the right direction to take the next steps.

I cannot stress how important this is. Each of us are at a different place in our online marketing journey. Some are brand new, others not so much. I found my coach to be very experienced, with more than 20 years of online marketing experience. He was courteous, yet firm when I said something that was not correct.

At first that startled me, but I quickly learned to appreciate the brunt honesty and it allowed me to open up to him and go even further, faster. I don’t know about you, but I want to be corrected when I am on the wrong path, quickly, and not waste time learning lessons someone else has already learned.

Affiliate Back Office

Once you have made it through the 15 Day Challenge, you may apply to become an affiliate. Now, not all people that apply become an affiliate. Again, I appreciate that about the company. It is a sign they are trying to protect their brand and therefore, my business as well. They carefully screen each potential affiliate to ensure they have potential for success. So, apply yourself in the 15 Day Challenge.

Note, during the 15 Day Challenge, there are opportunities to accelerate your knowledge, faster, by purchasing other training modules. You may or may not take advantage of those offers, it is entirely up to you and you will not be pressured to do so. Further, you may become an affiliate, without taking those offers. Again, that is a sign of a company with integrity and built to last.

Now, after you are selected to become an affiliate, the training firehose opens up and you are again given free training (yes I said FREE). Simply put, you are given all you need to establish your online marketing business and be successful. After you see the quality of the training, you will know they have done their part, now it is up to you. Each of us have a different level of drive and ambition. I appreciated how the content was broken up into bite sized modules that I could consume at my own pace. Often, I would sit for hours consuming one after another. Other times I would jump into one module and watch it over and over again, to take the next step in setting up my business.

On the right side of the screen above, you can see the course resources that are provided to you. You will find reference examples of all of the steps that cause most people to stall. You will find scripts, email templates, checklist that will allow you to customize them to fit your situation and story and press through that road block and go to the next step. I cannot stress how important these aides were to me. You see, I had been through other training and they would mention something like: set up your email responder to respond to your members… Perhaps you are reading this article and are at one of those road blocks to your progress. I was able to download their templates, customize them and move on…Oh, did I say this affiliate training was Free?

Marketer’s Club

The Marketer’s Club is an optional monthly subscription ($30) that allows you access to recorded sessions from years of gatherings of top affiliates, called mastermind sessions, where they gather several times a year to learn from the master, David Sharpe and to network and learn from each other as well.

I found these video recordings to be insightful and refreshing at the same time. You see, they were not holding back. You could tell that over a few hours of video, per recording, that this person was experienced and willing to share all they knew and not play hide and go seek with you. Again, that direct access to experts, as if I was in the room, was exceptional. I challenge you to find that type of information for the small monthly fee they charge for access. Further, the content is continually refreshed and new information is added.

Business Blueprints

As an optional upgrade, if you are interested, you may purchase the Business Blueprint bundles. There are four types of online marketing business and the Business Blueprints cover each type.

Affiliate Marketing

Inside the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, you will find a whole new level of knowledge. Building on the knowledge given in the 15 Day Challenge, and the Affiliate Training, this course is designed for an established affiliate, that is looking to go to the next level. Taught by an experienced in the trenches affiliate marketer, you learn to avoid pitfalls that will stunt your growth and instead, accelerate your progress. Again, this module is not required for your success, but will accelerate it.

Digital Products

Now, everything I have presented to this point, I was expecting to see in the product. However, this one and the next modules were a pleasant surprise. You will recall I have already said, that Legendary Marketer is interested in long term success and they do that building up their members, not hiding information from them. They are the most transparent organization you will find.

They share all of their processes with their affiliate members with the purpose of allowing them to duplicate the process that is known to work and thereby accelerate their own growth and success. Again, I challenge you to find that level of transparency elsewhere.

So, to that end, in this module you are taught how to develop your own courses and other digital products and market them, just like Legendary Marketer does! Did you get that? I hope you appreciate the fact that a large company like this is willing to share how they did it and encourage you to do the same. To me, that is priceless.

Events and Masterminds

Once again, this course enables you to replicate the success of Legendary Marketer, by developing and holding your own events and masterminds. Events can be physical events or webinars, which are popular in the field and necessary for selling some high-ticket digital products. You may not need this at the beginning, but it will come in handy someday. It is good to know the information is available for you, when you are ready.

Coaching and Consulting

The coaching and consulting course, rounds-off the Business Blueprint bundle and also completes the circle. You see, if you are going to be successful in the online marketing business, you will need a team. You will need external team members, but also internal. Those who join your team and that you bring along for the journey will need support and coaching. This service may not be as critical in the beginning but will be needed as you grow and go to higher levels of the online business industry. Again, it stuns me that these blueprints are available and are there for our success.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle

The Traffic Rolodex is another optional bundle, but may be bundled itself with other products for a discount. The Traffic Rolodex was commissioned by David Sharpe to an industry leading Marketing Agency, to provide all of the information required to start your own Marketing Agency.

Building on the previous levels of training, this training is simply all that any online marketer could possibly know on the topic. The bundle is broken into nine sub-courses, for each method of paid marketing available today. Each of the nine sub-courses are hours long and the details are massive. This bundle is not required to get started and be successful, so it may not be for everyone. But again, if you want to be the very best, you may want to take a look at it.

How you can Get Started Today!

In this article, I have tried to express to you the value of quality knowledge, delivered with integrity. I have found that source, for my own knowledge in online marketing and would like to offer that to you today.

All you have to do is check out the video here, and I’ll share it with you right away, Legendary Marketer. You won’t regret it.

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