I am a born again Christian, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Author, Retired Marine, and Ethical Hacker (in that order — at least that is how I aspire to live my life). I retired from the Marine Corps about 12 years ago and started a business. Actually, I have had about a dozen businesses, over 30 years, some successful, some not. I have learned from each one though.

Life Changing Event

A few years back, I was getting ready for bed and I got a pain in my chest. When I laid down, it hurt more. I soon jumped out of bed and called my wife, who was still downstairs.

I remember the pain, it hurt to breath and it felt like electricity flowing from my right side, up through the center of my chest and out my right shoulder. I know it sounds odd, but it literally felt like the shock was jumping out of my shoulder, like a lightning bolt.

When my wife arrived in the bedroom, I explained to her, “Hey, I don’t know what is going on, but I am hurting in my chest and having trouble breathing… we need to head to the hospital.” I still remember the look on her face. One of the many thoughts going through my head “I was only 40 and too healthy to have a heart attack,” so I thought. What could it be?

As we raced to the hospital, and I sat in the passenger seat, I remember pulling up my phone and googling my symptoms, hoping it was appendicitis (no wrong side), hoping it was my gal bladder (wrong symptoms). What could it be. After arriving at the hospital, and wincing as I explained to the front door nurse what I was experiencing, they rushed me to the back of the waiting room and put me on a firm table. They then quickly opened my shirt and put those sticky things on my chest, lots of them.

I remember the tears in my wife’s eyes as they read the EKG. Then came some relief, as they said it was not my heart. No sooner that I got that word, I jumped back up as the pain set in again…it seemed worst when I laid down. Later that night, after hours of testing, I found out what the issue was, it was an inflammation of my diaphragm, a condition called pleurisy, easily treated with ibuprofen and less stress.

None the less, I remember what followed, thoughts of my own mortality and not wanting to die so young. After all, I had much living to do. You see I had always been a workaholic and would easily put in 60–70 hour weeks. I once heard something from my Pastor that stuck with me, no one on their death bed has ever wished they had spent more time in the office. In that moment, I realized we all have the same amount of time in a week and a year, the difference is how some spend it. There had to be another way.

Then, I started searching for alternatives to trading my time for money. Eventually, years later, I found it, after randomly scrolling through videos online one night, laying in my bed, I found it. I found a short video from a guy that talked about how I could create my own freelance digital marketing business, online… from my laptop… in virtually no time at all. After digging in I realized that my life was about to take a big turn… and it did!

Fast forward to today…

I am typing this now from a different place in my life. No longer do I feel trapped trading time for money. I have a great deal of financial freedom. I work on what I want to work on and when I want to work. For example, I enjoy teaching at a University and giving back that way. Now, we spend time traveling, creating memories. Two years ago, we took a lazy boat up the Seine from Paris to Normandy and spent the 4th of July on the Beaches of Normandy. Those graves are a sobering reminder of the shortness of life. Last year, we traveled to Turkey and spent 8 days touring the entire country. You haven’t lived until you tried Turkish delight and baklava. This year we went to Ireland, where we stood at the cliffs of Moher, shown here. Then, we went to the Giant’s Causeway, a mystical geologic formation of rocks that looks like they were placed by giants.

Life is indeed much different now. You see, while I travel, my freelance digital marketing business is working for me 24x7. While I sleep, while I tour sites, my business is working for me.

The really cool part? This lifestyle is only possible because of that one short video I happened to watch… that still blows my mind.

So at this point in my journey, I am hoping to give back to others by showing exactly how I did it…. So, I have started getting online and reaching out to others.

Now for the neat part:

I’d like to share the exact same video with you, right now… if you are willing to give it a full watch and take the information provided seriously.


All you have to do is check out the video here, and I’ll share it with you right away. Legendary Marketer. You won’t regret it.

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Dr. Allen Harper

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