Particularly if you Want to Make Money Online

Have you ever wondered, what to write on a blog? Or, are you struggling to make money online, then perhaps a blog is for you.


There are several types of blogs, from private, to hosted, to social. Private blogs include those created and set up by authors, to those provided by community platforms, they often run Wordpress. Hosted blogs are like the one you are reading now, hosted by Medium (and others) and they handle the management of the site and authors simply post. Social blogs are similar to hosted blogs, like those of LinkedIn, Reddit, and other social platforms, where the blog is secondary, the social network is primary.

What to Write on a Blog

Ok, now that we know what a blog is, it is time to answer the question you came for, what to write on a blog, particularly if you are looking to make money online. The best thing to write on a blog in that case is content that points to an affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow a blogger to get between a buyer and a seller and be paid for that service of connecting the two. It turns out that most of the blogs today, offer some value to a reader, then point the reader to an affiliate program. Notice the order I listed those two. It is most important to provide value to the reader, before pointing them to an offer. You can find other information about affiliate programs, in my previous article, here.

Know, Like, Trust

When it comes to online marketing, there is a concept of know, like, trust. People will not normally buy something from you unless they first know, like and trust you. A blog is a wonderful way to establish yourself online, so people may get to know you and like you and eventually trust you. In fact, next to Youtube videos, it is the best way to do that. See my links below if you want to know more about that process.

How to Write on a Blog

Ok, now let’s discuss the mechanics of writing a blog post.

Get started on Medium, today!

There is an old business axiom that good attempt now is far better than a perfect attempt delayed. When getting started with a blog, it is tempting to go into research mode and never exit to start writing. I know, I have been there… several days, several weeks go by and you still haven’t started. “If I could just learn this” or “just learn that”, I would start. No you won’t, you will just keep going deeper down the rabbit hole.

If you want to get get started today, there is an easy way. At the top of this screen, hit the “get started” button. I will wait…go do it! Now, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now that you have your own blog, it is time to get started with keyword research.

Keyword Research

If you want you want your content to be read, you need to conduct some keyword research so that you know what people are searching for. There are several tools out there, I like this one, you can use it for free.

Then, if you were to type in, for example, “health supplements”, you would get the following results, sorted on “Avg” volume.

This means that if you tried to rank for the search keyword “health supplements”, you would get an average of 771 visits a month, if you made it to the first page. Then, the QSR value gives you an idea of how many other sites are ranked for this keyword, and we see it is rather high at 200, so we would have a lot of competition.

One the other hand, if we had a longer keyword, called a long-tail keyword, such as “prostate health supplements”, we would actually expect higher traffic (1079 a month if we get to the first page) and less competition (101). So the latter keyword is a better choice for an article.

Another Reason for Choosing Medium

Besides getting started faster, there is another reason to use Medium. They have higher “Authority” in the Google search engine than newer, smaller blogs. Google uses an internal calculation for each site on the Internet, called Authority. Since Medium has been established for longer and has millions of viewers and articles, they have established greater Authority and are thereby ranked higher. There are other factors involved here, but we will leave that for another article.

Take Action

In this article, we covered not only what to write on a blog, but how to do it. In a future post, we will cover the topic of formatting and Search Engine Optimization, so be sure to stay tuned, by following me.

I have applied the principles described in this article and it has changed my life. No longer am I trapped in a job, I have financial freedom and wealth. I would love to share more of this information with you and help you achieve that level of freedom.

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